Culinary Classes

One-on-one, personalized meal preparation classes are easy to follow and replicate later. THRYVE specializes in transforming traditional dishes into versions that are nutritious but taste amazing too. The recipes are satisfying and nourishing to make maintaining a healthy diet simple for you and your family. Recipes can be modified to accommodate any allergies or restrictions. Classes can be designed around any cuisine or culinary theme and are held in your home kitchen. Private group classes are also available.

Nutrition Coaching

THRYVE’S signature program, [Reboot+Revive] takes a holistic approach to Nutrition Coaching by addressing your unique food sensitivities, allergies, nutritional deficiencies, culinary preferences and lifestyle to develop a custom diet. Throughout the 4-week program, you will receive support and tools so that you are able to learn how to eat for your body’s specific needs.

WEEKS 1 + 2 ::   Reboot

  • Review your health history and current nutritional intake
  • Assess your dietary needs and nutrition goals

WEEKS 3 + 4 ::   Revive

  • Integrate nourishing and detoxifying foods that will heal your body and recalibrate your attitude around food
  • Use custom meal plans and shopping lists to make dishes that will revitalize your health to create long-term results

Coaching can help with:

Meal Plans

Planning healthy and satisfying meals every week is challenging and can turn into a roadblock to maintaining a nutritious diet. Let THRYVE do it for you!

All meal plans include seasonal, plant-based recipes and helpful shopping lists that are custom designed to simplify creating nourishing meals for you and your family. Each dish is simple to prepare, using full-proof techniques and not too many ingredients. The dishes are based on familiar flavor profiles and foods, to make transitioning to a healthier diet stress-free.

Weight-loss meal plans can help you lose up to 2 pounds a week if slimming down is your goal. Meal plans can also be created to facilitate building muscle or to address food allergies or illnesses.


Michelle May is the founder of Thryve Culinaire. She has been passionate about plant-based foods for the past 12 years, motivated by the associated health benefits for both the individual and the planet and by witnessing the exceptional health we can achieve through correct nutrition. Michelle is a graduate of culinary and nutrition programs at Matthew Kenney Culinary and is also certified in Plant-Based Nutrition through Cornell University.


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